COOL: Instructor Sign up

In order to facilitate the setting up the COOL server for the upcoming semester, we are currently asking Instructors to fill in the following form.
If you know of instructors who would like to use COOL, please feel free to forward them to this page.

Instructor Name:
Email Address
Please list courses you would like to use COOL with using the McGill standard naming convention,
e.g.:BIOL-201 or CHEM-204
If this is the first time you will use COOL, please tick off this checkbox.
What kind of laptop are you using to teach ?

Standard Laptop
TabletPC laptop

Apple Macintosh (this will help us evaluate how many instructors are using Mac based computers)
(Currently, the COOL Recorder only runs on Windows based computers, however if you are running a new INTEL based MAC, we have had success using BootCamp and WindowsXP in order to be able to use the COOL Recorder. )

COOL Training: (please see note below)

We have currently working out a schedule for training sessions.
Please contact me directly to setup a training session.
I feel comfortable using COOL and will upgrade the software on my own.
COOL upgrade Instructions

Send the following information to the COOL Support Team

COOL Training:

We are currently working on a schedule for training sessions in the next few weeks; in the mean time, please contact the COOL Support Team directly in order to setup a training session.

In order to make these trainining sessions as efficient as possible, we highly recommend you attend the training session with the laptop you intend on using to teach throughout the semester. We will be helping with the installation of the latest version of the COOL Recorder software as well as discussing some of the latest features of COOL.

If you are unable to attend one of these sessions and would like to have a tutorial on how to use the software, do not hesitate to contact us at

COOL Software Installation / Upgrade