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Recording DateTypeRecordingNameInstructorCommentsStream in Browser MP3 COOLCastMP3 MP3 Itunes COOLCast WMV COOLCastWMV MP4 COOLCast MP4 MP4 Itunes COOLCast
2007/06/07 11:10LectureHealthandSafetyForManagersandSupervisorsWayne Wood 
2008/09/05 15:39LectureOrientationforGraduateStudentswayne wood 
2008/12/01 17:55LectureHealthandSafetyLegislationWAYNE WOOD 
2008/12/09 13:20LectureHazard Awareness Training for Security_Part 1wayne wood 
2008/12/09 14:30LectureHazard Awareness Training for Security_Part 2wayne wood 
2009/08/24 11:25LectureSafe Use Of Biological Safety Cabinets August 2009wayne wood 
2010/05/01 14:15LectureWMPpresentation-february2010Christian BouchardTraining for staff and students on hazardous waste management
2011/02/25 15:08LectureNanoparticle Health and SafetyCyrill CattinRe-recorded. Presentation given Wednesday February 23.
2012/01/20 10:06LectureWHMIS for labswayne woodTraining seminar
2013/09/18 13:07LectureWHMISTeodor Mocanu 
2013/09/20 14:40LectureHWM trainingJason Hull 
2013/10/01 09:08LectureInternal responsibilities for Lab Managerswayne woodInternal and legal reponsibilities of lab managers, lab safety priniples, tools and resourses
2014/05/01 11:36LectureRadiation Safety Training for Security Services veJoseph Vincelli 
2014/05/01 16:32LectureRadiation Safety Training for Custodial Staff (AprJoseph Vincelli