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Recording DateTypeRecordingNameInstructorCommentsStream in Browser MP3 COOLCastMP3 MP3 Itunes COOLCast WMV COOLCastWMV MP4 COOLCast MP4 MP4 Itunes COOLCast
2008/10/18 09:05LectureChangementsClimatiquesAPSQF08Ariel Fenster 
2008/11/04 15:56LectureTerrorismeetexplosifsAriel Fenster 
2008/11/05 19:02LectureChimieAmourCollegeLaflecheAriel Fenster 
2008/11/20 18:01LectureChocolatBrest08Ariel Fenster 
2009/03/18 16:33LectureCheveuxFrançoise Randon 
2009/03/27 19:14LectureMangerAujourd'HuiSJV09Ariel Fenster 
2009/03/27 20:21LectureChocolatSJV09Ariel Fenster 
2009/10/17 08:52LectureLesRisquesdelaVieAPSQ09Ariel Fenster 
2009/10/21 16:27LectureLesRisquesdelaVie(FHS)F09Ariel Fenster 
2010/03/18 16:36LectureLes amitiés particulières(FHS)W10Françoise Randon 
2010/04/15 16:34LectureLes Medecines DoucesAriel Fenster 
2010/10/27 09:51LectureFensterLC101(1)Ariel Fenster 
2010/11/03 09:35LectureUPMCProfAriel Fenster 
2010/11/10 09:56LectureFensterLC101(2)Ariel Fenster 
2010/11/24 19:05LectureNettoyagesKirkland10Ariel Fenster 
2010/11/24 19:05LectureNettoyagesKirkland10Ariel Fenster 
2011/09/27 16:34LectureCrime Aautome 2011Ariel Fenster 
2012/03/21 12:58LectureOGM AMSQ 2012Ariel Fenster 
2013/02/07 18:24LectureTESTAriel Fenster 
2013/03/25 13:09LectureOhayonProject presentation V1Dr. Edith Zorychta 
2013/03/25 15:01LectureJanssenLecture microbiome and RADr. Edith Zorychta 
2013/04/08 13:08LectureSamuel Ohayon - microbiota and obesity presentatioDr. Edith Zorychta 
2013/04/08 13:50LectureLectureSanneApr8Dr. Edith Zorychta 
2013/04/15 13:10LectureIBD microbiota Samuel OhayonDr. Edith Zorychta 
2013/04/15 13:48Lecture2013-04-15 Redpath AtherosclerosisDr. Edith Zorychta 
2013/04/22 13:18Lecture2013-04-22 Redpath Foxp3Dr. Edith Zorychta 
2013/04/22 14:07LectureJanssenProject proposal presentation v3 SJDr. Edith Zorychta 
2014/01/20 13:07LectureEZjan20_14Dr. Edith Zorychta 
2014/02/03 13:10Lectureexercise and diabetes2Dr. Edith Zorychta 
2014/02/03 13:37LectureDiabetes for PathologyDr. Edith Zorychta