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Recording DateTypeRecordingNameInstructorCommentsStream in Browser MP3 COOLCastMP3 MP3 Itunes COOLCast WMV COOLCastWMV MP4 COOLCast MP4 MP4 Itunes COOLCast
2008/05/01 08:48Lecture1IntroChemStructAriel Fenster 
2008/05/05 08:32Lecture2ChemStructFamiliesReview  
2008/05/06 08:33Lecture3Nomenclature  
2008/05/07 08:39Lecture4Alkanes1  
2008/05/07 09:59Lecture5Alkanes2  
2008/05/08 08:39Lecture6Alkanes2  
2008/05/08 10:14Lecture7Chirality  
2008/05/12 10:02Lecture8Chirality2  
2008/05/13 08:37Lecture9StereoNomenclature1  
2008/05/13 14:08LectureAnswersQ1S08  
2008/05/14 08:34Lecture10StereoNomenclature2  
2008/05/15 08:33Lecture12AlkylHalides1  
2008/05/20 11:03Lecture13AlkylHalides2  
2008/05/21 08:37Lecture14AlkylHalides3  
2008/05/22 08:28Lecture15Alkenes1  
2008/05/22 10:08Lecture16Alkenes2  
2008/05/22 14:30LectureAnswersMidterm  
2008/05/26 09:45Lecture17Alkynes  
2008/05/27 08:39Lecture18Aromatics1  
2008/05/28 08:46Lecture18Aromatics2  
2008/06/02 09:20LectureReviewFinal