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2007/02/09 08:32Lecturedemonstration1  
2007/02/09 08:35LectureNCSCOOLPlatformOverview  
2007/09/04 09:58LectureMEDIA Slideshow Due to a problem with the microphone, there is a buzzing sound in this recordings. We apologize for the inconvenience.
2007/11/09 13:34LectureTPWeek01  
2007/12/06 10:10LectureMechanotherapyrevue20082ndcourse  
2007/12/27 19:18Lecture   
2007/12/27 19:26Lecture   
2007/12/27 19:27Lecture   
2008/01/03 10:05LectureP1Int  
2008/01/03 11:40LectureLecture1301pediatrics2008  
2008/01/03 12:55LectureLecture1introduction2008  
2008/01/08 09:52LectureSeparations  
2008/01/08 10:07LectureP2Inj  
2008/01/08 11:30LectureRiskinourLives  
2008/01/10 09:59LectureP3In1  
2008/01/10 11:31LectureToxinsintheEnvironment  
2008/01/11 15:02LectureEruption  
2008/01/23 12:58LectureImagingforimplants2008  
2008/03/04 15:30LectureGEM In order to see both the speaker and the material presented, we recoomend you use the icon to right.
2008/03/04 17:05LecturePHGY2100708  
2008/03/08 12:50Lecture   
2008/03/08 12:52Lecture   
2008/06/17 13:07LectureIRSforManagersandSupervisorsJune2008  
2008/07/10 00:00Lecture   
2008/07/12 13:20Lecture   
2008/07/12 13:30Lecture   
2008/07/12 14:20Lecture   
2008/07/12 14:30Lecture   
2008/07/12 14:40Lecture   
2008/07/12 14:50Lecture   
2008/07/12 15:00Lecture   
2008/07/12 15:10Lecture   
2009/02/02 13:17LectureCH13_mwf_part1Anthony Mittermaier 
2009/02/10 08:33LectureChem120_KineticsAndEquilibrium_2009_CatalysisAndEqBradley Siwick 
2009/03/02 12:59LectureCeliac_disease_FinalDr. Edith Zorychta 
2009/03/03 17:31LecturePHGY2100809  
2009/03/09 12:58LecturePatrick Logan - Thesis Presentation March 9th 2009Dr. Edith Zorychta 
2009/03/09 13:59LectureCrohn’s Disease 09mar09Dr. Edith Zorychta 
2009/03/10 11:36Lecturecarbohydrates1aHanadi Sleiman 
2009/03/14 10:59TutorialMT2-reviewDmitrii F. Perepichka 
2009/03/15 09:31LectureGradWorkshopMar09Dr. Edith Zorychta 
2009/03/23 13:58LectureShawnSeminar09Dr. Edith Zorychta 
2009/03/24 11:40Lecturecarbohydrates4Hanadi Sleiman 
2009/04/07 08:32LectureChem 120 FDA Org 4Ariel Fenster 
2010/01/11 11:30Lecture   
2010/09/04 00:24Lecture James Gleason 
2015/04/15 10:06LectureP25-GI3Dr. Edith Zorychta