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Recording DateTypeRecordingNameInstructorCommentsStream in Browser MP3 COOLCastMP3 MP3 Itunes COOLCast WMV COOLCastWMV MP4 COOLCast MP4 MP4 Itunes COOLCast
2008/01/03 08:30LectureChap6_gases_part1  
2008/01/08 08:33LectureChap6_gases_part2_tr  
2008/01/10 08:37LectureChap6_gases_part3_tr  
2008/02/14 08:35LectureCh12_liquids_part2_tr  
2008/02/19 08:30LectureCh13_solutions_part1_tr  
2008/02/21 08:33LectureCh13_solutions_part2_tr  
2008/03/04 08:44LectureCh13_end_Ch16_Acids_Bases_part1_tr  
2008/03/06 08:33LectureCh16_Acids_Bases_part2_tr  
2008/03/11 08:40LectureCh16_Acids_end_Ch17_Buffers_part1_tr  
2008/03/13 08:34LectureCh17_Buffers_part2_tr  
2008/03/18 08:25LectureOrg1FDA  
2008/03/25 08:35LectureCh17_Buffers_final_tr  
2008/03/27 08:22LectureOrg2FDA  
2008/04/01 08:31LectureOrg3FDA  
2008/04/03 08:27LectureOrg4FDA  
2008/04/08 08:21LectureOrg5FDA  
2008/04/10 08:22LectureOrg6FDA