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2008/01/08 09:52LectureSeparations  
2008/01/10 09:56LectureIR1  
2008/01/15 09:50LectureIR2  
2008/01/17 09:55LectureNMR1  
2008/01/17 17:30Lecturetutorial1IRSpectroscop  
2008/01/22 09:56LectureNMR2  
2008/01/24 09:58LectureNMR3  
2008/01/26 14:50Tutorialtutorial2SpectroscopyReview  
2008/01/29 09:54LectureNMR4MS1  
2008/01/31 09:52LectureMS2  
2008/01/31 17:50Tutorialtutoria3SpectroscopyProblemSolving  
2008/02/05 01:19LectureAlcohols  
2008/02/07 10:03LectureAlcoholsEthers We are currently wokring to repair the video for this lecture. In the meantime the slideshow is available. We apologize for any inconvenience.
2008/02/09 11:46Tutorial08222MT1Review  
2008/02/12 10:01LectureAcids1  
2008/02/14 10:04LectureAcids2  
2008/02/14 17:33TutorialTutorial4Alcohols  
2008/02/19 10:02LectureAcids2b3  
2008/02/21 10:01LectureAcids3b4  
2008/02/21 17:28TutorialTutorial5EthersCarboxylicacid  
2008/02/23 12:23TutorialTutorial6Carboxylicacids  
2008/03/04 10:05LectureAcids4bAld1  
2008/03/06 09:59LectureAld1b2 No audio. PLease refer to the automated recording through webct. Sorry for any inconvenience.
2008/03/11 10:00LectureAld2b3  
2008/03/13 09:59LectureAld3b4  
2008/03/18 09:56LectureAld4b5  
2008/03/18 19:01LectureMT2review  
2008/03/25 09:58LectureAld5b  
2008/03/27 09:58LectureTutorial7AldehydesandKetones  
2008/04/03 17:30LectureTutorial8Aldolandaminereactions  
2008/04/08 09:59LectureAmines2b3  
2008/04/10 09:58LectureFinalReview_AldAmines  
2008/07/08 07:29LectureIntroGC