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Recording DateTypeRecordingNameInstructorCommentsStream in Browser MP3 COOLCastMP3 MP3 Itunes COOLCast WMV COOLCastWMV MP4 COOLCast MP4 MP4 Itunes COOLCast
2008/01/08 17:39LectureFoodIntro Introduction to the Food course in the World of Chemistry series
2008/01/15 17:30LectureFood2  
2008/01/22 17:39LectureVitamins  
2008/01/29 17:32LectureDietandHeartDisease  
2008/02/05 17:38LectureWeightControl2007  
2008/02/05 18:58LectureDietDrugs  
2008/02/12 17:31LectureMinerals MP4 will be available soon.
2008/02/20 11:04LectureDietCancer Due to a technical issue there is an audio glitch around the 3rd minute of the lecture, the rest of the recording is ok. We apologize for the inconvenience.
2008/03/04 17:35LectureFoodReactions2008  
2008/03/11 17:40LectureFoodAdditives  
2008/03/18 17:36LectureSweetenersPesticides  
2008/03/25 17:31LectureChocolateCooking  
2008/04/01 17:42LectureHealthfoods  
2008/04/08 17:33LectureCheeseWine