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CHEM-120-001 :
CHEM-120-002 :
CHEM-180-761 : World of Chemistry: Environment
Water, air pollution, sick-building syndrome, the chemistry of the car, energy (fossil fuel, nuclear), environmental accidents, household products, computers and cosmetics including skin, teeth, hair, and smells. Extensive use of visual materials.
CHEM-181-761 : World of Chem: Food
A series of lectures on the historical, practical, and simple chemical aspects of: food, food additives, vitamins, minerals, diet and cancer, dieting, water.
CHEM-204-001 : Physical Chem./Biol.Sci. 1
Emphasis on the use of biological examples to illustrate the principles of physical chemistry. The relevance of physical chemistry to biology is stressed.
CHEM-212-001 :
CHEM-222-001 : Intro Organic Chemistry 2
Modern spectroscopic techniques for structure determination. The chemistry of alcohols, ethers, carbonyl compounds and amines with special attention to mechanistic aspects.
CHEM-302-001 : Organic Chemistry 3
Topics covered may include the following: Aromatic compounds, heterocyclic chemistry, sulfur and phosphorus chemistry, organosulfur and organophosphorus compounds, and biomolecules such as lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, polypeptides, DNA and RNA.
CHEM-502-001 :
ECSE-211-001 : Design Principles and Methods
Design specifications, parameters, optimization, implementation, troubleshooting and refinement; project management: scheduling, risk analysis, project control; case studies; design examples and project.
ECSE-322-001 : Computer Engineering
Data structures (arrays, lists, stacks, queues, dequeues and trees) and their machine representation and simple algorithms. Peripheral devices: printers, keyboards, magnetic type drives, magnetic disc drives. Peripheral interfacing and busses. Introduction to operating systems. System integration. Computer systems and networks.
ECSE-443-001 : Numerical Analysis
OCCH-615-001 : Occupational Safety
Principles of safety and loss prevention; incident investigations and analyses, occupational safety management tools; loss recognition; safety standards, guidelines and legislation. Selected topics include: fire prevention; workshop, tool and machine safety; fall protection; laboratory safety; confined space entry; safe work permit systems; and materials handling.